The Colour Red for Emotion in Cross-Cultural E-Commerce


  • Peter BROEDER Tilburg University
  • Nienke WILDEMAN Tilburg University



Consumer behaviour, colour, cross-cultural, e-commerce, emotion.


Web stores tend to differentiate themselves from competitors by relying on hedonic aspects, such as colour. This study focusses on web store colour and emotions in the online shopping process. Preferences of Western and Asian consumers are compared when exposed to a web store with specific colour values of red. This was done in the context of an online booking web store for hotels. An online experimental survey was conducted with two conditions, viz., dark red and light red. A total of 220 participants (130 Dutch and 90 Vietnamese) completed the questionnaire. Contrary to expectation, the results showed no direct effect of colour: the light red web store did not induce the highest booking intentions, though an indirect colour effect was found through the pleasure emotion. The light red web store induced more pleasure, which in turn induced higher booking intentions. Cultural differences (indulgent vs. restricted), influenced the relationship between colour and the arousal emotion. Participants from the more indulgent culture were more induced by the light colour
web store.



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BROEDER, P., & WILDEMAN, N. (2020). The Colour Red for Emotion in Cross-Cultural E-Commerce. Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 13(25), 75-89.